Ebru weekend

I’ve been lusting after all the pictures of ebru painted soap lately and after seeing it on a fellow soaper’s blog I knew I had to try it!  With the long weekend and the torrential rains we had soap experimentation was definitely in the plans!

Pretty but not what I was going for :-)

Pretty but not what I was going for 🙂

The first batch I did on Friday and I chose very vivid colors.  Loved the design until I looked in my cups of colored soap and realized I had a ton of left overs!  I immediately thought “I can make this work” and started adding to the mold.  Next thing I knew I had covered my entire design with blobs of colored soap!  I took my handy dandy chop stick and started swirling so I wouldn’t be totally outdone!

ebru 2

Batch 2 I scented with Sage & Citrus so I chose my colors to reflect such.  Not as ebru as batch 1, before I covered with blobs of soap, but I kind of like the delicate lines.  If I had to do over I would have colored the back ground soap to make the designs stand out better.

Sunday I unmolded both and I have to say I like both!  Are there changes I would have made if I had to do over?  Probably, but I call it a very successful experimentation for a rainy 4th of July weekend!

ebru 3

What fun things did you do over the weekend?


About soapsnstilettos

I started on this adventure in soap making as a way to become involved in my daughter's life. She had started her little goat farm and I had found goats milk soap on a trip I went on with my best friend Michele. I thought, "Hey! I've got goats, they've got milk, I could do this!" Well it wasn't exactly that easy but now I'm addicted! I formulate all of my soaps with my friends and family in mind and once you get a bar of my soap you are instantly my friend! Come follow all the craziness in my life and learn about my soaps too!
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