Make new friends…

And keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold!  Old song, I know but one that rings true right now.  We’ve had 2 ladies occupying our offices for weeks now.  They are actually 3rd party consultants brought here to educate our staff on a new computer system.  The computer system has failed miserably but I truly don’t believe it was their fault.  This was a cluster involving many more people than just the educators.  

That being said, I grew to enjoy these women for their humor, intelligence and their ability to roll with the punches.  We shared lunches together and then eventually dinners.  We didn’t spend all our time griping, we learned about each other and our various backgrounds.  And never once did it cross my mind that these women were so much younger than me!  It just felt like we fit!  They were professional when they needed to be but fun and hip when the time was right.  My daughter said that was why it was such a good fit!  

So I now walk into the back room and see it empty and get a little misty.  I comfort myself with memories of lunches and dinners, drinks and stories and the promise of maybe, possibly seeing each other again one day.

Lehanie and me at dinner  And knowing that work was a little brighter with them in my life!


About soapsnstilettos

I started on this adventure in soap making as a way to become involved in my daughter's life. She had started her little goat farm and I had found goats milk soap on a trip I went on with my best friend Michele. I thought, "Hey! I've got goats, they've got milk, I could do this!" Well it wasn't exactly that easy but now I'm addicted! I formulate all of my soaps with my friends and family in mind and once you get a bar of my soap you are instantly my friend! Come follow all the craziness in my life and learn about my soaps too!
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