Soap Changing Lives

This story makes me happy!

Make Me Some Soap...

If you’ve spent any time around this blog, you know I love soap and think it makes the world a better place.

But sometimes it does so in big ways! In Indianapolis, Heart Felt Soaps is employing local women to felt soaps by hand, to be sold in local boutiques. The workers learn job skills and earn money to spend in their community, and the soaps help keep the small gift shops in business, too.

To read more, check out the news story.

Do you know of any other groups that use soap to help others?

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About soapsnstilettos

I started on this adventure in soap making as a way to become involved in my daughter's life. She had started her little goat farm and I had found goats milk soap on a trip I went on with my best friend Michele. I thought, "Hey! I've got goats, they've got milk, I could do this!" Well it wasn't exactly that easy but now I'm addicted! I formulate all of my soaps with my friends and family in mind and once you get a bar of my soap you are instantly my friend! Come follow all the craziness in my life and learn about my soaps too!
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  1. Thanks for reblogging! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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