Soap, it’s all cleansing isn’t it?

I got a new piercing 3 weeks ago. Yeah, I say new because I have had piercings before. I fondly remember my first. I was 11 and my grandmother promised to pierce my ears for my birthday. Bless her heart! She put up with a wimpy 11 year old girl who one moment said do it and the next screamed NO! Yeah she finally did it but thank God she was spending the week with us! After she pierced my ears there was the ordeal for 6 weeks of rinsing with peroxide and turning them.

Funny how things have changed.  As a nurse I now know that peroxide isn’t the cleansing agent of choice.  As a matter of fact we no longer clean metal trachs with peroxide as it will corrode them!  We now know that the use of hydrogen peroxide on wounds can negatively affect the cells involved  in trying to heal the wounds, thus delaying the healing process.

So 3 weeks ago I got my cartilage pierced.  I went to a very good tattoo shop but having done research in the past I know that tattoo shops are the experts!  And believe me if you are inserting a piece of metal in my body, I want an expert!  The guy who did my piercing recommended applying Dial foaming antibacterial soap to my ear twice daily when I turned it.  Seems reasonable, I guess, except I know all too well the hazards of antibacterial soaps.

The major ingredient in antibacterial soaps is triclosan, which is known for its bacteria fighting properties.  The problem comes from its excessive and unnecessary use!  You can find this caustic chemical in everything now!!!!  It kills the good bacteria as well as the bad!  In addition, Triclosan is known to kill human cells as well!  I find it all too often when I start using soaps with Triclosan because my skin bubbles and peels!  Of course that can’t be good!  Check out the article below to get more info on antibacterial soaps!

So if all I need to do is keep the area clean, then why clean it with something that ruins skin cells?  Pure soap will clean the area, remove germ causing agents, but leave the good qualities of your skin behind.  A soap high in cleansing will clean more or be rougher on your skin but a soap high in conditioning will clean too!  The difference is a conditioning soap leaves your skin in its natural state sans germs!  Let’s face it soap is soap!  It’s meant to clean!  And if it leaves your skin in good shape its all the better!  So long story long, (hahahahaha) my soap cleanses in a very conditioning way.  So what am I doing with my new piercing?  Washing it with my handmade goats milk soap in the shower each night and turning it when I do.  All my soaps are high in conditioning but they all clean!  My skin, nor the skin of my friends, ever feels dry or over cleansed.  And my ear?  Well my hairdresser is quite envious of my ear!  She says hers never healed as fast as mine!  Yeah, I’m gloating.  Kinda stupid I guess but I will take my victories where they come!


About soapsnstilettos

I started on this adventure in soap making as a way to become involved in my daughter's life. She had started her little goat farm and I had found goats milk soap on a trip I went on with my best friend Michele. I thought, "Hey! I've got goats, they've got milk, I could do this!" Well it wasn't exactly that easy but now I'm addicted! I formulate all of my soaps with my friends and family in mind and once you get a bar of my soap you are instantly my friend! Come follow all the craziness in my life and learn about my soaps too!
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