Strawberry White Chocolate and the Cee-ment pond

Strawberry White Chocolate

Strawberry White Chocolate

I make a lot of my soaps based on requests from customers at the salon, co-workers at my job, or holidays approaching. One thing, though, is always a constant…Goats milk from Sophia! So around Christmas last year the owner of Town Center Salon and Spa (the most awesome salon) asked me to participate in her salon anniversary coming up in February 2013. She also asked for some special products to go along with the special occasion! I love a challenge and I love an opportunity to talk to people about my soap so of course I was in!
When I think about Valentine’s day I think chocolate, well I think about chocolate a lot of my days! I immediately thought chocolate covered strawberries! (Ok I think about food a lot too!) I wanted a decadent soap that smelled delicious and special. So break out the cocoa butter! Cocoa butter has long been known for skin benefits Check out this great article on Plus cocoa butter would provide the great chocolate scent I wanted to have in the soap. I have a base recipe I use a lot but I wanted this to be creamy and special so I drug out all the creamy oils and butters to create this recipe. Manteca and Olive oil bring out tons of creaminess in soaps. That makes them glide over you easily and well as make lather to die for! To increase the bubbles and make a harder bar I added a touch of Sodium Lactate. (Hey, you said it was all natural soap, right?!? Well sodium lactate is natural. It’s actually made by fermenting beets!) Once I made the soap batter I divided it in half and colored one half with madder root powder to make my red color. I also added strawberry seeds to the red as well as Strawberry fragrance. I then combined the to colors in a technique they call In The Pot swirl and poured into my molds. Wait a minute! The mold wasn’t full. Huh? How’d that happen? I checked my math. I checked my recipe. I checked my supplies. I was as perplexed as it can get. Not knowing what to do I went ahead and place my loaves in the freezer like always. Next day I opened it up and took it out to cut. IT WOULDN’T SLICE! Wouldn’t EVEN BUDGE! I worked and worked and finally got chunks of soap-not pretty bars-CHUNKS! In the soaping world that means the soap is lye heavy. Lye heavy? What does that mean? Remember Granny on the Beverly Hillbillys? Remember her lye soap that would eat your skin off? Yup, I had just created a fancy version of Granny’s skin remover! Now envision me next to the cee-ment pond stirring my soap pot. Yeah some of you are laughing so hard right now you are peeing on yourself! Yeah, me too! BRB 🙂
OK, Now I feel better! Back to the soap! Well I let the chunks sit there for another 24 hours. Why? I don’t know but I couldn’t stand the thought of it. So I finally went in the soap room and, with gloves on, I picked up the chunks and took them to the trash! Did it kill me? Mentally yes, because I kept thinking of how expensive the ingredients were! But honestly, NO! I’d die if anyone used it and was injured or hurt. But one thing is for sure, every time I make the recipe I check and double check my ingredients. And then as I am mixing I imagine myself next to the cee-ment pond. One day I will discover oil, black gold, Texas tea, in my swamp back yard and get me one of them there cee-ment ponds!

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

Be udderly beautiful!


About soapsnstilettos

I started on this adventure in soap making as a way to become involved in my daughter's life. She had started her little goat farm and I had found goats milk soap on a trip I went on with my best friend Michele. I thought, "Hey! I've got goats, they've got milk, I could do this!" Well it wasn't exactly that easy but now I'm addicted! I formulate all of my soaps with my friends and family in mind and once you get a bar of my soap you are instantly my friend! Come follow all the craziness in my life and learn about my soaps too!
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